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Wine And Design Tuesdays

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Come Join Us for Wine and Design Starting at 7:00pm!

Singo Karaoke Game Night

Join Us Thursdays from 9:00pm to 1:00am for our Singo Karaoke Game Night!
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Weekly Poker Tournaments

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To learn more about our weekly poker tournaments and read rules & regulations, click here.

The Sports Page Golf League

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Thank you for interest in The Sports Page Golf League. Last year was a great success and we hoped that we started something very exciting and appreciate your participation. Our goal is to provide a competitive yet casual golf experience for patrons and friends of The Sports Page
Our league is managed by the website where you will have access to all statistical info through that forum. 

The Format:  (season)          

The Sports Page Golf League is an individual stroke play using a modified stableford scoring system. (see below) with handicap There are 21 events scheduled for this year and a player’s best 7 scores are counted in the year long standings. There are 2 majors which award double points. One at the in June and the other being the tour Championship in October  The top 16 golfers qualify for the Championship with the point leader at the end of that event named Champion Golfer of the Year. Like the Fedex Cup any golfer that is in the top 5 prior to the championship and wins that event will automatically win the league. The prize pool consist of gift certificates to our favorite restaurant as follows
        FIRST PLACE        $250.00
        SECOND PLACE    $100.00    
        THIRD PLACE        $  50.00

The Format:  (weekly)

All events are stroke play using a modified stableford scoring system with      handicap. All teams will consist of 2 players drawn randomly following the event. Each 2-person team will record a score for the event round (with handicap). The team with the highest total wins the event. The entry fee is $10.00 per week Winners take all
Scoring Individual Formats:
  • Stroke Play: This scoring system tracks each player's net scores relative to par to generate a single cumulative season score.
  • Stableford Points: This scoring system follows the standard stableford scoring system. Points are awarded for each hole played as follows:
Net score relative to par = points awarded:
  • 2 or more over =0
  • 1 over = 1
  • even = 2
  • 1 under = 3
  • 2 under = 4
  • 3 under =  5
  • 4 or more under = 6
  • The league administrator can designate rounds as "majors" on the Manage Season Schedule page.
  • Major rounds will have double points.
  • Cumulative scores are tracked for the season to generate the season's leaderboard.

Thank You for Your Support!

Our Holiday Party for the Knightdale Police Department’s Shop with a Cop foundation was a huge hit raising over $2600! Thank you Knightdale for your support!
To join our Golf League simply click here to find the Sports Page league.