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Sports Page Golf League

April 03, 2021

Attention Golfers:

The 2021 Season of the Sports Page Golf League tees off on April 3rd! Join us in our fifth season! 

Last year was a great success and we hoped that we started something very exciting and appreciate your participation. Our goal is to provide a competitive yet casual golf experience for patrons and friends of the Sports Page.

Our League is managed by the website where you have access to all statistical info through that forum.

The Format (season):

  1. The Sports Page Golf League is an individual stroke play using a modified stableford scoring system. (see below) with handicap

  2. There are 21 events scheduled for this year and a player’s best 7 scores are counted in the year long standings. 

  3. There are 2 majors which award double points. One at the in June and the other being the tour Championship in October  

  4. The top 16 golfers qualify for the Championship with the point leader at the end of that event named Champion Golfer of the Year. 

  5. The prize pool consist of gift certificates to our favorite restaurant as follows

        FIRST PLACE        $250.00

        SECOND PLACE    $100.00    

        THIRD PLACE        $  50.00 

The Format (weekly):

  1. All events are stroke play using a modified stableford scoring system with handicap.

  2. All teams will consist of 2 players drawn randomly following the event.

  3. Each 2-person team will record a score for the event round (with handicap).

  4. The team with the highest total wins the event.

  5. The entry fee is $10.00 per week

  6. Winners take all


  Individual Formats:

  • Stroke Play: This scoring system tracks each player's net scores relative to par to generate a single cumulative season score.

  • Stableford Points: This scoring system follows the standard stableford scoring system. Points are awarded for each hole played as follows:

Net score relative to par

Points awarded

2 or more over


1 over




1 under


2 under


3 under


  • The league administrator can designate rounds as "majors" on the Manage Season Schedule page. 
  • Major rounds will have double points. 
  • Cumulative scores are tracked for the season to generate the season's leaderboard.

a drawing of Arnold Palmer

The Rules:

The purpose of the league is to have a competitive golf league that can be enjoyed by everyone. Although there are awards provided, the main goal is to have fun.

Please do your best to make the league enjoyable for everyone and treat your opponents and the course with respect.

Rude and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. This includes loud swearing, excessive club throwing and similar unsportsmanlike behavior. This is disrespectful to your partner, opponents and to the league as a whole. Complaints received will result in a warning to the offending player.  Further complaints will result in the player being banned from the league.

Unless explicitly stated, all play shall be governed by the USGA Rules of Golf. Exceptions to USGA rules are only for stated golf league rules and local Course rules. All exceptions are listed in this document.

 We play using winter rules. This provides two exceptions to standard USGA rules:

  1. A ball between the tree lines may be improved by using your club to roll the ball less than 6 inches to either side or away from the hole. This rule only applies when a ball is on the hole being played and does not apply to a ball in a bunker, in a hazard, in an adjacent fairway or on the green. The ball must be rolled by club. You cannot lift and place.

  2. The USGA rule allows relief from an embedded ball in the fairway, green or "closely mown" areas of the rough.  The golf league extends this rule to all areas of the rough.  If a ball is resting in its pitch mark in either a fairway, closely-mown rough or green, the ball may be removed from its pitch mark.  For other areas of the rough, a ball is considered plugged when at least one third of it is beneath the surface.  For a ball plugged in the fairway or green it may be placed, no nearer the hole. For a ball plugged in the rough, it may be dropped, no nearer the hole. Embedded balls may be lifted, cleaned and placed. The embedded golf rule does not apply to balls in a hazard (including bunkers).  

  3. Ground Under Repair:  Relief is provided for a ball or stance in an area marked as "ground under repair”, or if you and your opponents agree that an area is    under repair. The ball should be dropped at the nearest point, no closer to the hole, where the "ground under repair “area no longer affects stance or shot. A player's position may not be improved (i.e., a ball in the rough must be dropped in the rough, a ball in a waste area must be dropped in the waste area, etc.)

  4. Casual Water:   Casual water is defined as a temporary accumulation of   water that is not part of a water hazard. Casual water must be visible, before or after a player takes his or her normal stance. The relief from casual water is to drop at the nearest point, no closer to the hole, where casual water is no longer present. Again, a player's position may not be improved.

  5. Penalties: The SPGL treats all of the following the same, thus your options in each case are the same.Out of Bounds, Lost Ball, Water Hazards or Lateral hazards are all being played as lateral hazards.  Players have two options: (a) The player replays his or her shot from the point at which the previous shot was taken, plus one stroke penalty. (b) A ball may be dropped within two club-lengths of the point at which it crossed the boundary for out of bounds. The ball may not be dropped nearer the hole. There is a penalty of one stroke. The golf league highly recommends option B as it speeds up play for everyone.  

  6. Unplayable Lies:  For unplayable lies, the USGA rule is followed. There are three choices: (1) The player replays his or her shot from the point at which the previous shot was taken. (2) A ball is dropped within two club-lengths of the spot where it was found, no nearer the hole. (3) A ball is dropped anywhere along the line connecting the spot where the ball was found and the hole. The drop may not be closer to the hole and there is a penalty of one stroke. There is a one-stroke penalty, regardless of choice. 

  7. Use your common sense, be fair, you are among friends.

  8. There are no points for double bogey nor deductions so feel free to pick up when points are unattainable but remember this is your round so play it out if you want to.

  9. Play whatever tees you want but remember rule 7